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Together, we can say yes to conservation

Our home is changing, but the future is bright and we have many opportunities to increase protection and conservation in Central Colorado.

This year, the Conservancy brought in more project funds than ever before. Increased tax benefits at the state level are anticipated to dramatically increase interest in conservation easements. Exciting collaborations and growth opportunities are on the horizon. The possibilities are endless.

What we need now is the operating budget and staff capacity to embrace this huge potential for future conservation.

With so much momentum, it’s heartbreaking to imagine turning down landowners interested in conservation due to a lack of resources on our part, because we know that once these lands are developed there’s no going back.

Together, we made great strides towards local conservation this year.

Thanks to your past donations and support, we protected 598 acres of Arrowpoint Ranch, enrolled over 3,000 acres in short-term conservation agreements, purchased two miles of land along the Arkansas River in Lake County and planted 4,000 willows to restore Badger Creek—to name just a few.

These achievements, which can take several years to complete, wouldn’t be possible without a dedicated staff, robust operating budget and supportive community.

If we don’t protect our lands and waters today, we may lose the chance forever. As a community, we are well positioned to do much more collaborative conservation and restoration work this coming year.

We are fundraising because we want to say “yes” next time a 4th generation ranching family expresses interest in protecting their lands in perpetuity. We want to say “yes” when state and federal partners join forces to protect landscapes across boundaries. We want to say “yes” to community conversations, and we want to share all these amazing stories with you.

When we talk about land protection and restoration, the first images that come to mind may be of dramatic mountain ranges and expansive valleys. Zoom in and you will also see the people that make conservation possible: ranchers, volunteers, Conservancy staff members, community members and you.

You belong here.

Conservation and restoration of these lands and waters we love wouldn’t be possible without you. Thank you for supporting these efforts.

We hope to see more of you next year.

Warm Regards,

Adam Beh, Executive Director


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